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Friday, Feb. 9th

5:00pm  WeAreJackStrong Band

6:00pm  Fern Circus

6:15pm  805 South Band

6:45pm  Junk Yard

7:00pm   Lion & Dragon Dance Performance

by Southern Sea Dragon and Lion Dance Association

7:30pm   Mai Thanh Thúy & Đoàn Văn

7:45pm   Lilian & Hello VN dance by LSAP

​8:00pm   Sean, Quy Chau, & Thy Thy

8:15pm   Vietnamese Modern Opera 

                by Thanh Tuyen, Kim Thuy, & Thanh Truong

8:30pm   Performances by LSAP

9:00pm   Quang Thành & Lilian

9:30pm    3 regions of Vietnam fashion show by LSAP

9:40pm    Mai Thanh Thuy and Doan Van

9:50pm    Performances by LSAP

Saturday, Feb. 10th

11:00am   Performances by Sohaila Shining Stars

11:30am   Upwards to the Moon (Chinese Classical Fan Dance)

                 Mongolian Bowl (Mongolian Ethnic Dance)

                 Song of the Yue People (Chinese Classical Han Tang Style)

                 by UCSD Chinese Dance Association

11:45am   Performance by SD Ballet Dance

12:00pm   Magician

12:45pm   Chorus - Spring Arrives by Wesley's Language School

  1:00pm   Performances By Kaibigan Dance Company

  1:30pm   Quan Ho by Que Huong Group

  2:00pm   Michael Jackson Impersonator by Remj

  2:45pm   Flag Ceremony By LHCS VNCH

  2:50pm   Chorus - Vietnam Vietnam by Hung Su Viet Club

  3:00pm   Ancestor Ceremony by King Hung Association

  3:15pm   Firecracker Show & Lion Dance by Chanh Kien

  3:45pm   Opening Ceremony - Welcome Remarks

  4:30pm   Closing Remarks by Jennifer Tong

  4:40pm   Nuong Chieu Duet and Dance by LSAP

  4:45pm   Harp Recital by Charlotte Ngo

  5:00pm   Performance by Blue Ming Chinese Dance Company

  5:30pm   Marionetto Show

  6:00pm   Fern Circus

  6:30pm   3 Regions of Vietnam Fashion Show 

                 by Little Saigon Arts & Performance 

 6:45pm    Performances by LSAP 

 7:00pm    Khanh Tran Show by Khanh Tran

7:15pm    Performances by Hung Su Viet Club

7:45pm     Hao Ki Viet Nam by Le Tin

8:00pm     Duyen No Bat Ngo by Linh Tuan & Thanh Huyen

8:15pm     Ao Moi Ca Mau by Thanh Huyen, Kim Thuy, & Bich Tuyen

8:25pm     Xuan Nay Cong Khong Ve by Thanh Truong

8:30pm     Performances by LSAP

9:00pm    Tinh Su Huyen Tran by Linh Tuan & Thanh Huyen

9:15pm    Hao Hoa by Dinh Hieu & Ngoc Ha

9:30pm    Performances by Hung Su Viet Club

9:50pm    Performances by LSAP

2023 festival 6_edited.jpg
2023 festival 7_edited.jpg
2023 festival 7_edited.jpg

Sunday, Feb. 11th

11:00am   Vietnamese Opera by Hat Boi Club

12:00pm   Storytelling: The Dragon Pear by Asian Story Theater 

  1:00pm   Asian Soccer Tournament Reward and Recognition

                 by Hung Vuong Sports Club 

 1:30pm   Lion Dance Performances by Southern Sea Lion & Dragon Dance

 2:00pm   Performances by Musicians' Club of San Diego

  3:00pm   Lion Dance Performance by SD Legendary Lion Dance Association

  3:30pm   Magician

  4:30pm   Performances by Samahan Filipino American Performing Arts & Edu.

  4:45pm   Ngoc Thuy show

  5:15pm   Dang Vu show

  5:30pm   Marionette

  6:00pm   Performance by Desert Rose Dancers

  6:30pm   Fern Circus

  6:45pm   Hello Vietnam by LSAP

  7:00pm   Performance by Aurora Glow Dancers

  7:30pm   Performances by LSAP

  8:00pm   Performances by Thanh Truong & Kim Thuy

  8:15pm   Performances by LSAP


lion dance2.jpg

Cultural Village

FRI, Feb. 9th 

6:45pm - 7:30pm 

Pho Eating Contest - Round 1

8:00pm DJ Xakti

SAT, Feb. 10th 

11:00am  Interactive Tai Chi

11:30am  Bubble Show

  1:45pm  Pho Eating Contest - Round 2

  3:45pm   Dumpling Wrapping Contest

8:00pm DJ Xakti

SUN, Feb. 11th 

11:00am  Interactive Tai Chi 101

 1:45 pm  Pho Eating Contest - Round 3

  3:45pm   Boba Drinking Contest 

  4:30pm   Bubble Show

  5:30pm   DJ Xakti

Meet Vietnamese Performance Artists


Meet DJ Xakti

Meet Chinese Dance Association


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